Watch Me Grow has fabulous benefits for your whole family!

We know our children, our families, and our lives are busy these days, and Watch Me Grow wants to help you and your family by offering these extra benefits!

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Healthy Meals

At Watch Me Grow, our meal service consists of breakfast, a hot lunch and snack. Meals served are nutritious, healthy and meet the USDA nutrition standards for young children. The menu follows the meal patterns established by the USDA.

  • Breakfast consists of a serving of milk, fruit, and grains or bread.
  • Lunch consist of milk, grains or bread, meat or meat alternate, and two different servings of fruits or vegetables.
  • Snacks include two different servings of the four components: milk, fruits or vegetables, grains or bread, or meat or meat alternate.
  • Each child is encouraged to eat what is prepared and to try new items as introduced.

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Enhanced Communication

Watch Me Grow has decided to enroll in a wonderful new service called KidReports to enhance communication with parents during the day. Parents have the opportunity to receive alerts, pictures and videos of their children throughout the day.

Founded by parents with the help of child care providers, KidReports is the most complete and revolutionary new communications solution connecting child care providers and parents in real time.

Now there’s an easier way to stay connected with your kids throughout the day. Get real time notifications from our free mobile app. Know your children are safe, loved, and having fun!

  • Choose How to Stay in Touch. Get emails, smartphone notifications, texts or simply log in online. Or choose all of them!
  • Choose How Often You Hear. Want to know everything when it happens or do you just want the daily report? Your choice.
  • Stay Connected on the Go. Download our free app and stay in contact on the go. You’re always connected!
  • Keep Track of Trends. Access all historical data through your profile. Search by dates and/or activities. It’s all there.
  • Use KidReports at Home. That’s right, parents can use KidReports also. Save and manage your kid’s activities in the same place.
  • Relax! With KidReports, you stay connected when you can’t be there. You now know your little one is okay.

Safety and Security

The safety of the children is our primary concern. Watch Me Grow has a Single entry check-in and check-out, and many other security features, including:

  • Video monitoring
  • All staff are CPR/ 1st Aid Certified
  • All staff are required to have background checks from the FBI, local law enforcement agencies, the Nevada Criminal History Repository and the Child Abuse and Neglect System, prior to their employment with Watch Me Grow
  • Staff earn continuing education units annually in the area of Early Childhood Education so that they may continue to grow professionally
  • Staff are continuously trained on emergency preparedness

Extracurricular Activities

Watch Me Grow also offers¬†additional activities for your child to enjoy, grow and develop from! Activities such as dancing can impact your child’s confidence, motor skills and enhance socialization skills as well.

Wonderland School

One local business we have partnered with is Wonderland School to enjoy dance classes at our center!

“Wonderland Physical Training Programs is a¬†program designed for girls and boys. For over two decades Wonderland School has led the industry and developing and implementing physical training programs for children. Wonderland School dance and gymnastics combination class is designed to stimulate self-discipline and girls and boys by developing positive attitudes towards fitness.”


Las Vegas TUMBLEBUS is a full-sized school bus that has been converted into a fun and safe gymnastics center. The bus is equipped with padded walls and floor, monkey bars, balance beam, vault, rings, rope, bars, climbing apparatus, even a Zip-Line and much more!

Las Vegas TUMBLEBUS is brought right in front of Watch Me Grow on a weekly basis, NEVER transporting any children, though they ask when will we leave, every time. We provide a 30 minute structured gymnastics and fitness program that increases strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and social skills in a non-competitive atmosphere. The lesson plans are structured and change every week. Our classes are designed for children ages 18 months to 10 years and everyone participates in the group activities staying engaged throughout the entire lesson!

Preschool Graduation

Parents and students enjoy the celebration of success! Each of our preschoolers will participate in a graduation ceremony where they move on to the next stage of education.

Complete with a full cap and gown, parents are invited to celebrate their little ones on this great day! Your child will experience a real graduation for the first time.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to share a joyous day with your child. We help usher them into the next phase of learning with praise of their accomplishments.