If you’re a new parent, you probably dread the day that you have to drop your little one off at daycare. After all, you’ve spent countless months next to your baby, and you’ve grown fondly attached to your bundle of joy.

At Watch Me Grow Child Development Center in north Las Vegas, we understand how challenging it can be to say goodbye to your child, especially if you’re enrolling them in an infant program at a local child care center. Study after study has found that quality child care, that includes frequent interaction between caregivers and children, can benefit your infant in a number of ways. Let’s take at why you should consider enrolling your little one in infant care below!

It Will Promote Linguistic Skills

As your baby continues to grow and develop, enrolling him or her in an infant program at a child care center is a great way to promote early linguistic skills. Your baby will have an opportunity to engage with peers and adults, learning new sounds and words that he or she has never heard before. Your little one will also get to partake in storytime, which will prepare your child for learning to read on his or her own. According to Kenneth Wible, MD, of Children’s Mercy Hospital and Clinics in Kansas City, Missouri, when your newborn doesn’t understand what you’re saying, he or she can still start to pick up on the rhythm, tone, and inflections in your voice.

Infant Care Will Help Socialize Your Baby At An Early Age

The sooner you can start to socialize your infant, the better. Socialization is important for your child’s overall development, and when you enroll your child in a day care center at a young age, you can encourage socialization even more. When your baby has a chance to interact with adults and other children of the same age, it will help your little one start to develop his or her own sense of self.

Daycare Can Make Your Child Smarter

While this may seem like a bold claim, a 2006 study conducted by the National Institute of Childhood Health Development found that children who were enrolled in a high-quality daycare developed better language and cognitive skills during the first four-and-a-half years of life.

It Exposes Your Child To Visuals

From the ages of zero to three months, your baby will start to focus his or her attention on visually appealing objects and faces. The great thing about signing your child up for daycare is that he or she will be surrounded by a plethora of educational toys and tools. As your infant starts to excel in his or her hand-eye coordination skills, he or she will have infant-friendly, safe toys available to play with at all times.

Infant Care Programs In North Las Vegas

If you’re looking for an infant care program in north Las Vegas, look no further than Watch Me Grow Child Development Center. We offer quality infant care for children from six weeks to 18 months of age, and we’re passionate about providing a loving and nurturing environment for your little one.