1. Toddler in fall clothing a wool cap, playing in leaves outside

    5 Summer Enrichment Ideas for Your Preschooler in Las Vegas

    Preschoolers don't stop learning when school is out for the summer. A great way to ensure that they retain all they learned during the school year is with summer enrichment . Following is a list of five summer enrichment ideas for your young child. These ideas and activities can be done at home in y…Read More

  2. May is National Foster Care Month

    May is National Foster Care Month. This month is set aside to recognize the individuals and families who give their time, their resources and their homes to children who are going through the most difficult times of their life. Foster Parents Most people would have a difficult time letting a strange…Read More

  3. A young boy running through a sprinkler at Watch Me Grow's Summer Camp

    Nine Qualities of a Great Summer Camp

    When you are looking at North Las Vegas child care options, summer camp may not be at the top of your list. However, camp is an excellent way to provide your child with a fun, safe learning experience during the warm summer months. If the thought of coming up with arts and crafts activities for your…Read More

  4. Two Kermit The Frog puppets, one wearing bandaids and bandage

    April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month: Take Action!

    What is NCAPM All About? April of 2017 marks the 34th year of National Child Abuse Prevention Month (NCAPM), a time dedicated to raising awareness of this devastating social issue and ending child abuse once and for all. Since 1983, this month has been a time for communities to have a dialogue about…Read More

  5. Two young girls in blue dresses dancing together at Watch Me Grow Las Vegas

    11 Reasons Why Dance is Important for Children!

    Benefits of Dance in Child Development There are many benefits of health education that give younger children an advantage. Dance is one of the activities that, when practiced regularly, can help a person develop physically as well as mentally. In order to optimize the benefits of dance for youths, …Read More

  6. Two children being checked by nurses at Watch Me Grow Las Vegas

    Seven Reasons Why Your Child Should be in a Preschool Program

    Some parents are wary of sending their child to a preschool program. Some think the child is too young even at three or four to leave home for an extended time. There are even parents who aren't ready to let their child go just yet. But research has shown that a preschool program is beneficial for t…Read More

  7. February 2017 Curriculum

    The February monthly curriculum theme is Transportation and Community Workers! In the transportation unit, classrooms will be discussing the different ways to get around; by land, by air and by water. Activities will include an outside game of red light/ green light, creating shape/ name trains, an…Read More