1. Parents Night Out!!

    Need an Evening Without the Kids? Watch Me Grow’s Parents Night Out gives our parents the opportunity to take a well-deserved break. Go out for a night on the town feeling confident that your little ones are safe and having the time of their lives! This incredible evening for your children will be…Read More

  2. benefits of dance education | Watch Me Grow Las in Vegas

    11 Reasons Why Dance is Important for Children!

    Benefits of Dance in Child Development There are many benefits of health education that give younger children an advantage. Dance is one of the activities that, when practiced regularly, can help a person develop physically as well as mentally. In order to optimize the benefits of dance for youths, …Read More

  3. The Benefits of Learning Games for Kids

    Learning is mainly associated with school. And for many kids, school is associated with sitting at a desk, learning by rote and repetition and tedious memorization. In short, its no fun. So its no wonder that kids are so happy when summer break comes around. It is a much needed break. In the not so …Read More