Our blog about the programs at Watch Me Grow. Read up on preschool classes, kindergarten readiness, summer school, and other curriculum at our child care center. Watch Me Grow is dedicated to your child’s mental and physical growth, and we put as much care into our programs as we do the children who attend them.

  1. Toddler in fall clothing a wool cap, playing in leaves outside

    5 Summer Enrichment Ideas for Your Preschooler in Las Vegas

    Preschoolers don't stop learning when school is out for the summer. A great way to ensure that they retain all they learned during the school year is with summer enrichment . Following is a list of five summer enrichment ideas for your young child. These ideas and activities can be done at home in y…Read More

  2. Two children being checked by nurses at Watch Me Grow Las Vegas

    Seven Reasons Why Your Child Should be in a Preschool Program

    Some parents are wary of sending their child to a preschool program. Some think the child is too young even at three or four to leave home for an extended time. There are even parents who aren't ready to let their child go just yet. But research has shown that a preschool program is beneficial for t…Read More

  3. Kindergarten Readiness Programs

    Your precious little one has been soaking up a lot of knowledge since birth. And a lot of this knowledge isn’t taught in schools. For example, something as seemingly simple as learning to crawl and then taking those first steps requires a tremendous amount of biological development, growth and cog…Read More

  4. Here for Your Child. Here for Your Family.

    The Summer Parenting Challenge by Brandie Heiseler, Director For most children, just the word “summer” conjures up freedom and adventure. For months most kids have been counting the days until the summer break. The school year is ended, the possibilities are endless, and happiness is just around…Read More