Many parents ask, “should I put my child in a child care center near my home or near my job?” Many parents can become frustrated when considering the inconveniences that are associated with each of them.

Some are already hesitant about having to take their child to a daycare center in the first place. This can be due to the fluctuating economic factors that so many of us face today.

Having to grapple with which is best, a child care center near the home or near the job is always a tough decision for parents to make.

Some parents prefer placing their children in a childcare center near their job. This way they can be close to them during the day should an unforeseen situation arise. Being near their children provides most parents with a peace of mind.

However, other parents prefer their children to be near their home. That way they can attend school in the same area as some of the other neighborhood kids. This issue in general can be frustrating for many parents. There are several factors that must be taken into consideration.

Before you decide which is best for you, consider all of the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Placing Children at a Child Care Provider Near Home

Having child care providers near your home is convenient for those who may need pick children up and take them home. The child will already be in the neighborhood, which makes it easier for the person picking them up. Also, if the child care center is near your job, what happens if you lose your job? What if you get transferred to a different location or need to make major changes to your schedule?  All important things to consider when choosing a childcare center.

When attending day care centers near the home, children can go to the same elementary school as some of the other children in the neighborhood. This makes a much easier transition for the child

Parents needing to stay home due to an illness may find having to take their child to a day care center (that could be an hour away) could be an inconvenience. Especially if they have to get up during their normal working hours and take the same commute that they would take to drive to work.

If they happen to take the day off for an appointment or for other business, they may still need to travel close to their job to drop their child off. Then they’d have to take that same drive later to pick them up again.

Advantages of Placing Children at a Child Care Provider Near Work

Some advantages of having a daycare center close to the job is that it could reduce the cost of the day care provider. If childcare is paid for by the hour, money could be saved if children are dropped at the daycare center an hour later rather than an hour earlier.

Once they’re dropped at the day care center near the home, parents would be paying an extra hour for fees incurred during the hour commute. It would essentially cost less if they were dropped off near the job.

Likewise, parents who pick their children up from daycare that is 10 to 15 minutes from their job could reduce hourly fees.

Some women have to reduce their maternity leave and return to work while their child is still an infant. Having a child care near the job would make it easier for moms to stop by to breast-feed their child during the day.  Some parents like to visit their children during their lunch break.

Some schools near a parent’s job are in better school zones than the schools near their home. Therefore, it may be wise to have children attend both the child care and the schools that are closer to parent’s job than their home.  You may want to check with the school districts first to see if this is permitted.

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