Creativity runs the world. Without it, early man never would have created the wheel, and the Wright brothers wouldn’t have invented the first flyable airplane. We would have no need for museums or art galleries or books. Human culture would be pretty drab without creativity, as it defines us as a thinking species and contributes to our social growth in countless ways.

Parents with a creative and inquisitive child are being offered a glimpse into their offspring’s future, a future that can be full of unlimited potential, rewarding career achievements, and personal triumph. It’s up to those parents to encourage their child to put that creativity into action early on so that rewards can be reaped, not only in the moment, but later in life too.

Watch Me Grow Las Vegas is keen on keeping you involved in your child’s creative growth, no matter where or when it happens. We’d like to introduce the following tips on how to foster your child’s creativity.

Allow Them To Make Decisions

Particularly observant parents realize that giving their children the option to make decisions throughout the day can lead to children that think independently, a trait that is necessary for the creative child to thrive. Allow your child to make simple choices, such as what shirt to wear for the day or what to eat for dinner. As long as you don’t go too far with this and maintain your position as the parent, you’ll find that simple decision making can be a huge boon for your child’s creative output, not to mention their overall growth.

Allow Them To Conceptualize

To a child, any everyday object you take for granted can be something quite different. A blanket can become a superhero cape, for example, or a cardboard tube can turn into a telescope or a toy tower. Brainstorming is a big part of creativity, so don’t forget to allow them the opportunity to exercise it when they get a chance.

Encourage Independence From Media And Culture Figures

Although shows like “Sesame Street” and “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” are undoubtedly a positive influence on kids and their creativity, a child that learns to be habitually entertained by what they see on t.v. will sometimes struggle to come up with ideas of their own. Instead of allowing your child to sit in front of the television or computer tablet all day, encourage them to exercise their minds by going outside or playing with arts and crafts.

Tell Stories

Whether it’s from a book or from your own imagination, tell stories during down time. If you’re just making something up, take cues from your child and craft the story according to their mood. Allow them to contribute if they feel the need to, and challenge them to ask questions about it.

Better yet, give your child the opportunity to tell a story in the form of painting, drawing, or physical play. You can even turn chore time into fun time by letting them make a narrative out of it. Who knew that sorting laundry could be fun?

Provide Resources

Do you keep catching your child playing with your old copies of the newspaper or find them fascinated by the way a cardboard box works? Let them engage their creative curiosity by providing open (but obviously supervised) access to what interests them:

  • Set aside time in the day to allow them to experiment with the way their favorite object of attention works and how they can affect it
  • Clear a safe space somewhere in your house to give your child room to play and make a mess
  • Don’t force your guidance on your child — allow them to find out how things work and let them ask questions at their own pace
  • Provide them with toys and crafts that are similar to what they show an interest in

Let Them Make Mistakes

A child that doesn’t learn from their mistakes will just end up making more of them later in life. In the creative process, making mistakes is just part of finding out what works and what doesn’t — when your child is not happy with how their watercolor painting came out, let them know that there is nothing wrong with trying it again until they are satisfied with the results. Sometimes, mistakes can lead to the best outcomes!

Play With Them

Don’t just watch you child create, do it with them! A child loves nothing more than to have their mom or dad interact with them in something they enjoy. Whether it is playing with Legos or making paper airplanes, your child will be overjoyed to engage with you as a part of their creative playtime.

Break out those fingerpaints and prepare to get a little messy!

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