If you want your child to be an outstanding student, you will want to involve yourself as much as possible in the learning process, whether it’s potty training, playtime, or reading a book. Although the skills our kids learn in their first years of primary education are necessary to intellectual and social growth, your child needs your help to open up creatively and academically. With your assistance, their new joy in discovery will transfer to their schoolwork in later years.

Watch Me Grow Las Vegas is keen on keeping you involved in your child’s growth, no matter where or when it happens. We’d like to introduce the following tips on how to motivate your child to learn and be successful while doing it.

Set Goals

Make sure you have a set of goals before you have your child start on the task. The more organized you are, the easier it will be for your child to follow directions and hit their goal.

Find A Passion

They may be young with an ever-developing brain, but every child has something that peaks their interest and fuels their willingness to learn. Find out what that is, implement it in your action plan, and your child will be even more motivated to succeed.

Encourage Them

Don’t let your child become frustrated — encourage them to keep trying, even when they fail at a certain task. Remind them that although they may feel helpless now, that feeling will go away once they finally succeed at what they are trying to do. If you feel that you’ve set a task that is beyond your child’s capabilities, take a step back and reshape your plan of action and the goal you have set. It always helps to remember that not every child is going to perform the same task in the same way.

Focus On Strengths And Interests

If you notice that your child has a particular interest or strength in a particular task or objective, develop an action plan that will utilize that interest. When it comes to singular strengths, remember that every kid has a particular talent or even a series of talents, and you can focus on growing that talent through increasingly engaging lessons. If you know you have a smart child, take advantage of it!

Stay engaged and interested

Whether it’s learning to read or ride a bicycle, make sure you are actively engaged and interested in what your child is trying to accomplish. Children thrive on attention, and if your child sees that you have a keen interest in their activity, they will try even harder to succeed at it.

Express Your Appreciation

Kids certainly want to please the adults in their lives, and you can encourage this by expressing your appreciation when they put extra effort into their learning. If your child understands that you acknowledge their willingness, they will try even harder the next time. It also teaches them that appreciation is an important part of social interaction.

Stay Positive

Although you may feel the urge to get frustrated when your child can’t immediately succeed at something, remember that they may not have the ingrained sense to feel the same way about it as you. Children love to learn, and we can make it even easier for them when we show outward positivity.

Show Them Your Interests

Discuss the way you learn and absorb new information, and show them what your personal interests are, whether it’s gardening or collecting model trains. Not only will this encourage your child to put more effort into their own learning sessions, you may find a common interest that will allow you to form a closer bond with them later on.

Keep Them Excited

Although children really do love to learn, their minds can drift when they start to get bored with whatever they are doing, especially when it is a task that involves repetition. You can avoid this by keeping them excited:

  • Get creative and turn the task into a playtime session using puppets or toys
  • Offer a reasonable reward upon completion
  • Encourage them throughout the task
  • Celebrate when they hit a hallmark in their task, no matter how minor it is
  • Take small breaks during longer tasks
  • Be as excited as they are to learn something new!

Celebrate Accomplishments, No Matter How Small

As an adult, you may not think that a child’s first successful potty training session is a massive accomplishment, but your child will certainly disagree with you. For kids, any accomplishment can be a hallmark in their early lives, and therefore you should celebrate the smallest achievement as if it’s their biggest. From learning to walk to using a spoon for the first time, your child will be thrilled when you celebrate as much as they do.

Take Part In Their Primary Education

If your child is attending kindergarten, daycare, or preschool, be involved in their education. Engage with teachers and let them know where your child’s strengths and weaknesses lie. Don’t be afraid to offer advice and interject when you feel an instructor may be pushing too hard or not hard enough. The more active you are in their primary education, the more your children will see and appreciate it.

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