The April monthly curriculum theme is
Bugs, Butterflies and Gardening!

Each week, the teachers will focus on a different topic pertaining to the month’s theme. The children will learn the differences between an insect and a spider, as well learn to identify “body” parts of an insect. Classrooms will discuss the life cycle of a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Children will also learn about gardening in the spring. One of the most important lessons a young child can learn from gardening is an understanding of where food comes from. Children are more likely to take an interest in trying vegetables they have grown themselves. Each child will partake in planting and caring for their own classroom vegetable garden.

In the bugs and butterflies unit, children will learn new vocabulary words such as habitat, insect, antennae, metamorphosis, and chrysalis. In the gardening unit, vocabulary will include soil, root, stem, and harvest. They will play games, read stories and sing songs to help them learn more information about the theme.

Infant/Toddler Objectives:

  • Sense of self: Distinguishing self from others.
  • Social Relations: Relating to another child.
  • Expressing emotion. Creative representation:
  • Exploring building and art materials.
  • Movement: Moving with objects.
  • Communication and Language: Participating in give-and-take communication. Speaking.
  • Exploration and Early Logic: Developing number understanding. Exploring space.

Preschool Objectives:

  • Initiative: Solving Problems with Materials.
  • Social relations: Relating to other children. Resolving interpersonal conflict.
  • Creative representation: Drawing and painting pictures.
  • Movement and Music: Feeling and expressing steady beat. Moving to music.
  • Language and Literacy: Using complex patterns of speech. Showing awareness of sounds in words. Demonstrating knowledge about books.
  • Mathematics and Science: Counting. Identifying position and direction.

Color of the month: Purple
Shape of the month: Rectangle
Letters of the month: G and H
Numbers of the month: 7 and 8