Merry ChristmasFeliz NavidadHanukkah SameachHeri za Kwanzaa
The December monthly curriculum theme is
Holidays Around the World!

The children will experience winter holiday traditions celebrated in different countries. Children will learn that winter holidays are not celebrated the same everywhere.

In the United States, most children celebrate Christmas. In class children will decorate a Christmas tree, make Christmas cards, and go Christmas caroling.

In Mexico, children have a Christmas celebration called La Posadas. Santa Claus is not a symbol of the holiday but the bright red suit is represented by the traditional flower of the season; the poinsettia. Children will make poinsettias, as well as pinatas, to burst during their reenactment of the traditional Posadas party.

In Israel children celebrate Hanukkah. Children will make and play a game with their self-made dreydls. They will see a menorah and learn the meaning of the 8 candles and the reason for the 9th candle.

In Africa, children celebrate Kwanzaa. Children will make woven placemats, which will reflect the traditional Kwanzaa colors; red, black and green and learn the meaning that each color represents.

COR Advantage Objectives:

Approaches to Learning: Initiative and planning.
Social and Emotional Development: Emotions. Building relationships with adults.
Physical Development and Health: Gross motor skills.
Language, Literacy and Communication: Speaking. Listening and comprehension.
Mathematics: Geometry: Shapes and spatial awareness.
Creative Arts: Art.
Science and Technology: Observing and classifying. Experimenting, predicting, and drawing conclusions.
Social Studies: Knowledge of self and others.

Color of the month: Red and Green 
Shape of the month: Octagon 
Letters of the month: X, Y and Z
Numbers of the month: 24 and 25