Brrr! It’s winter and January’s monthly curriculum theme is Winter and Arctic Animals.

The classrooms will be welcoming winter by learning about clothing that is worn during this cold season. Classrooms will discuss the change in our environment when it is winter, for example, temperature/ weather changes, change in foliage, shorter days, etc. They will also learn that there are sports that can only be enjoyed during this season like skiing, ice-skating and bobsledding. Activities will include “freeze dance”, “snowball” throwing practice, ice cube paintings, and creating snowflakes.

Children will also learn about the arctic and the animals that live there, such as foxes, wolves, penguins, walrus, polar bears and snowy owls. They will learn about how the animal’s white outer fur or white feathers help camouflage them on the snow-covered winter landscape. Activities will include waddling like a penguin, a polar bear parade, and creating penguins and polar bears during art.

In the winter unit, children will learn new vocabulary words such as mittens, scarf, icicle, and bobsledding. In the arctic animals unit, vocabulary will include the names of the animals, as well as camouflage, blubber, and hibernate. They will play games, read stories and sing songs to help them learn more information about the theme.

COR Advantage Objectives:

Approaches to Learning: Problem solving with materials.
Social and Emotional Development: Building relationships with other children. Community.
Physical Development and Health: Fine motor skills.
Language, Literacy and Communication: Phonological awareness. Alphabetic knowledge.
Mathematics: Measurement. Patterns.
Creative Arts: Music.
Science and Technology: Natural and physical world.
Social Studies: Geography.

Color of the month: White
Shape of the month: Oval
Letters of the month: I and J
Numbers of the month: 9 and 10