June’s monthly curriculum theme is
Under the Big Top/ Circus!

A circus theme brings out the performer in everyone. Children will dress-up as clowns and jump like lions through hoops. They will play games, such as “ringmaster may I”, “musical circus” and “tightrope walking”. They will also read stories and sing songs to help them learn more information about the theme.

The children will be introduced to new vocabulary words such as ringmaster, trapeze, acrobat, tightrope walker and even the term “big top”.

Infant/Toddler Objectives:

  • Sense of self: Expressing initiative.
  • Creative representation:  Pretending.
  • Movement: Moving parts of the body and moving the whole body.
  • Communication and Language: Listening and responding. Communicating interests nonverbally.
  • Exploration and Early Logic: Exploring objects and exploring categories.

Preschool Objectives:

  • Initiative: Making choices and plans.
  • Social relations: Relating to adults.
  • Creative representation: Making and building models.
  • Movement and Music: Moving in various ways. Moving with objects.
  • Language and Literacy:  Listening and understanding speech. Using vocabulary.
  • Mathematics and Science: Sorting objects. Identifying patterns. Comparing properties.

Color of the month: Yellow

Shape of the month: Circle

Letters of the month: K and L

Numbers of the month: 11 and 12