The March monthly curriculum theme is
Farming and Farm Animals!

Each week, the teachers will focus on a different topic pertaining to the month’s theme. This month children will learn about life on the farm, the job of a farmer, animals that live on a farm and how to care for farm animals.

They will also learn how farming and farm animals affect their daily lives. The children will be introduced to new vocabulary words such as agriculture, harvest, pasture and tractor. They will play games, read stories and sing songs to help them learn more information about the theme.

COR Advantage Objectives:

  • Approaches to Learning: Initiative and planning.
  • Social and Emotional Development: Emotions. Building relationships with adults.
  • Physical Development and Health: Gross motor skills.
  • Language, Literacy and Communication: Speaking. Listening and comprehension.
  • Mathematics: Number and counting. Geometry: Shapes and spatial awareness.
  • Creative Arts: Art.
  • Science and Technology: Observing and classifying. Experimenting, predicting, and drawing conclusions.
  • Social Studies: Knowledge of self and others.

Color of the month: Red
Shape of the month: Triangle
Letters of the month: E and F
Numbers of the month: 5 and 6