The May monthly curriculum theme is
Rainforest and Jungle!

The children will learn about the four levels of a rainforest. The levels are emergent, canopy, understory and forest floor. Children will also learn about animals that live in the rainforest and jungle. They will discuss the similarities and differences between both environments.

The theme includes activities and games that will have the children playing “Monkey See, Monkey Do”, creating monkeys, jungle cats, elephants and pandas and even exploring all of the sounds in a rainforest.

In the rainforest unit, children will learn new vocabulary words such as tropical, monsoon, canopy, camouflage and vegetation. In the jungle unit, vocabulary will include vines, foliage, and habitat.

COR Advantage Objectives:

Approaches to Learning: Reflection.
Social and Emotional Development: Conflict resolution.
Physical Development and Health: Personal care and healthy behavior.
Language, Literacy and Communication: Reading. Book enjoyment and knowledge. Writing.
Mathematics: Data analysis.
Creative Arts: Pretend play.
Science and Technology: Tools and technology.
Social Studies: History.

Color of the month: Green
Shape of the month: Cone
Letters of the month: Q and R
Numbers of the month: 17 & 18