Celebrating Family and Heritage!

The November monthly curriculum theme is Family and Heritage. Each week, the teachers will focus on a different topic pertaining to this month’s theme. They will learn about different cultures and heritages from their families and families around the world. They will become more aware of nutrition and the benefits of healthy eating.

The children will also be learning about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. The cornucopia is a traditional Thanksgiving decoration. The children will also learn about the First Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims and Indians.

Infant/Toddler Objectives: Sense of self: Solving problems and developing self-help skills. Creative representation:  Responding to and identifying pictures and photographs. Movement: Moving to music. Communication and Language: Exploring picture books and showing interest in stories, rhymes and songs. Exploration and Early Logic: Exploring sense of time with times of day

Preschool Objectives: Initiative: Initiating play. Social relations: Understanding and expressing feelings. Creative representation: Pretending. Movement and Music: Singing. Language and Literacy:  Using letter names and sounds, reading, and writing. Mathematics and Science: Identifying sequence, change and causality. Identifying materials and properties. Identifying natural and living things.

  • Color of the month: Gray
  • Shape of the month: Cone
  • Letters of the month: U, V, and W
  • Numbers of the month: 21, 22, and 23