The September monthly curriculum theme is
Dinosaurs, Reptiles and Pond Life!

Each week, the teachers will focus on a different topic pertaining to the month’s theme. Children will learn the names of various dinosaurs and some characteristics of each. Activities will include making dinosaur puppets, a dinosaur march and a creating their own dinosaur fossils. The children will also get to be like an herbivore dinosaur and engage in a veggie tasting.

In the reptiles and pond life unit, children will learn that a pond is a small body of still water and that many animals such as frogs, snakes, dragonflies, and turtles call the pond home. Children will also learn about the frog and its life cycle. Activities will include making turtles, chameleons and frogs.

In the dinosaurs unit, children will learn new vocabulary words such as fossil, herbivore, carnivore, and dinosaur names such as stegosaurus, pterodactyl, and tyrannosaurs rex. In the reptiles and pond life unit, vocabulary will include amphibians, habitat, lily pad and tadpole. They will play games, read stories and sing songs to help them learn more information about the theme.

COR Advantage Objectives:

Approaches to Learning: Initiative and planning.
Social and Emotional Development: Emotions. Building relationships with adults.
Physical Development and Health: Gross motor skills.
Language, Literacy and Communication: Speaking. Listening and comprehension.
Mathematics: Number and counting. Geometry: Shapes and spatial awareness.
Creative Arts: Art.
Science and Technology: Observing and classifying. Experimenting, predicting, and drawing conclusions.
Social Studies: Knowledge of self and others.

Color of the month: Black
Shape of the month: Square
Letters of the month: A and B
Numbers of the month: 1 & 2