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Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions we get at Watch Me Grow!


Child Care FAQ

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions we get at Watch Me Grow!

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Is food provided?

Yes. Watch Me Grow offers breakfast, a hot lunch, and snacks for NO additional cost!

Does Watch Me Grow Charge A Registration Fee, And If So, How Much Is It, And How Often Do You Have To Pay?

Yes, Watch Me Grow has an annual family registration fee of $100.00. This is a yearly fee and is NOT per child like other facilities. The cost renews on your anniversary date of enrollment. Enroll today!

Is There A Fee If My Child Stays At Watch Me Grow Longer Than 10 Hours?

There is NO additional fee. Watch Me Grow offers tuition based on a 12 hour day and does not charge additional fees unless your child is there beyond our hours of operation.

Does Watch Me Grow Provide Transportation?

We do! Our Before and After school transportation program consists of a 15 passenger van driven by our experienced drivers. It is designed to ensure your child arrives on time for school or that they have a ride back to Watch Me Grow after their day at school.

What Days Are You Closed?

Watch Me Grow is open Monday – Friday from 6 am to 6:30 pm. We are closed on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and the day after (Family Day), plus Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Are You Locally Owned?

YES! Watch Me Grow is happy to be locally owned and involved in our community! We participate in a Food Drive for Thanksgiving, the St Jude’s Trikathon, and enjoy special theme events such as Holidays Around the World to help expose children to the local community and the larger world around them.

Who will be caring for my child?

At least one teacher will always supervise your child. If there are numerous children in the same class, multiple teachers will watch the children. Our employees are educated on keeping your child safe while in their care.

Will your child be prepared for kindergarten?

We encourage the children in our care to learn to socialize with others. They will develop skills that will promote language development, the emergence of literacy, math, and science, creativity and art, emotional skills, problem-solving, and much more.

Core Health & Safety Practices

  • Staff and children practice regular handwashing with soap and water
  • Children are supervised using hand sanitizer to prevent ingestion
  • Frequently touched surfaces are cleaned and disinfected multiple times a day
  • Teach and practice covering when sneezing or coughing
  • Mouth and nose are covered with a mask
  • Sick children are required to stay home
  • Staff is vigilant about identifying symptoms and is hyper-responsive to their development.
  • Established procedure for what to do if a child gets sick and has to be sent home
  • Sick staff members isolate at home until they are no longer contagious
  • Social distancing practices are implemented as much as possible
  • Modified drop-off and pick-up procedures
  • Screen procedures implemented upon arrival
  • And more
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Characteristics of a Child Development Center

Kind Staff

One on One Time

More Attention

High Standards

Safe Environment

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Are Child Development Centers

Safe for Your Child's Health?

Child Development Centers are safe for your child’s health. Part of the reason is that group sizes are kept small, and we don’t go on any field trips or anything of the sort. Another reason is because Watch Me Grow practices enhanced sanitation practices to reduce risks of contagion, such as:

  • Routine surface cleaning and disinfectant
  • Handwashing for adults and children
  • Visitors and children are screened before entering regarding how they are feeling.
  • Frequent hand washing is highly encouraged for everyone on the premises.

If you are looking for a child development center in Las Vegas that you can feel confident your child will be maximally safe and secure from illness and other risks, choose Watch Me Grow for our robust safety procedures and high-quality child care.

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Should I Keep My Child Home From Our Child Development Center if They are Near Someone Who is Sick?

Yes, of course. You or your child may have come into contact with someone who has an illness and has not shown symptoms, even if that person is asymptomatic. Thus, you should keep your kids home from school and daycare until you are told it is safe to bring them in again. In this period, pay careful attention to your child's health.

Are Children at High Risk of Health Issues?

Children and babies are less likely to develop symptoms than adults, yet still, they play a not-insignificant role in accelerating the spread of diseases. The rate of cases among children compared to the rest of the population has so far been low. 

Is It Safe to Send My Child to a Child Development Center?

The answer to this question will vary depending on where the problem is occurring and where the concentration of sickness is at that moment. Currently, Las Vegas is a safe place for children to go to daycare. When the danger rises, we will take further measures and notify you of our findings so that you and your child's safety may be assured. Advanced safety procedures have already been implemented in our child development facility to minimize the danger of contagion. But remember, there is no one correct solution when it comes to finding the finest child care for your family during an epidemic. We want to assist you in achieving a sense of security throughout present and future epidemics. To protect your kid and ensure their happiness, we do all we can. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our facilities, please contact us now.

Our Mission

We strive to create a safe, welcoming environment where children feel comfortable and learn through play and activities. We aim to assist children in expressing themselves better while also teaching them a wide range of personal, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual capabilities to prepare them for their futures. If you're in the North Las Vegas area, think about enrolling your kid in a child development program at Watch Me Grow. We have an experienced and devoted teaching team, all of whom are eager to assist your kid in realizing their full potential. Learning activities are designed to be enjoyable and engaging for children of all ages.


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