The safety of a child care facility is perhaps the most important element of a quality childcare program. They could offer the most spectacular curriculum, but if the children are not provided the safest environment possible for learning and are put at risk, it can’t be called quality childcare. This fact is reflected in parental attitudes to child care safety, most of whom say that safety is one of the most important criteria they consider when choosing quality childcare. Keep reading for a brief survey of what to look for in terms of safety when choosing a childcare provider.

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Quality Childcare means safe Childcare!

Adequate Supervision

This one seems obvious, but it is best to mention it just in case. An important factor when choosing a childcare center is the childcare center’s teacher to child ratio. There are some well accepted standards for childcare teacher/caregiver to child ratio. And childcare centers with NAEYC accreditation are required to maintain a better caregiver to child ratio than non-accredited child care centers.

Before you enroll your child in a childcare program, ask the facility about its caregiver to child ratio and their policy on supervision and how caregivers handle transitional situations, such as playground supervision.

Also, ask if the childcare staff are given background checks and what precautions are in place to prevent abuse.

Child Care Saftey: Health and Sanitation

In a child care setting, germs get passed around. It’s an unavoidable fact. But there are some things that can be done to avoid spreading sickness and illness. When visiting a childcare center:

Ask about their sick policy and what precautions they take to reduce the potential for disease and illness transmission. Do they have a hand washing policy? If they serve food, make sure that they are ensuring that they are using standard food handling safety techniques

Child Care Safety: Products and Equipment

We have all heard the many news stories about recalls of childcare toys and other equipment. The most recent scare concerned toys coming from China contaminated with lead. When visiting a childcare center, ask if they are kept reasonably informed of any recalls or warnings of the products that children play and learn with.

Child Care Safety: Poisons and Toxins

Sadly, the leading cause of death in young children is due to the accidental ingestion of toxic or poisonous substances. Make sure the child care center you choose has a policy designed to keep children away from toxins and poisons. Ask about where they store medications and other chemicals and if they are kept locked most of the time.

Childcare Safety at Watch Me Grow

Watch Me Grow considers the safety of your child and all the children in our programs to be our highest priority as professional caregivers. There is nothing that we take more seriously than their safety. We maintain a low ratio of children to professional and caring staff, who take pride in what they do and work to make learning as safe as possible. With Watch Me Grow North Las Vegas, you are assured a quality child care program in a safe and loving environment.