Now that the Yuletide season is officially here, parents are busy finding the perfect holiday activities for their preschool children. Since Christmas is vacation time for preschoolers, it is an excellent idea to give them exciting activities that will keep them busy and at the same time, provide them with more opportunities for learning. If you need activity ideas to give your little ones for the holidays, here are some good holiday activities for preschoolers.

Making Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments
Get creative and make some ornaments

Decorating the house for Christmas is a perfect chance for you to ask your kids to help out. If your preschoolers have a penchant for making arts and crafts, then this activity is something they will surely love. Ask them to make additional, yet simple Christmas ornaments that you can hang around the house or your Christmas tree. You can cut some shapes from cardboard like stars, bells, and candy canes. Then, ask them to color, paint or design them however they want. This is one of the best holiday activities for preschoolers.

Building a snowman

Kids at preschool age always love to play. Because it is the holiday season and most of the family is enjoying their vacation you might as well make the most of it by playing with your kids outside. Enjoy the snow and have some activities or games like a “build a snowman” contest. If you are a big family, you can divide the family into two or three groups and make the tallest or the biggest snowman. The team that wins doesn’t have to do the dishes after dinner or a household chore of their choice.

Toy shopping

While Christmas toy shopping is one of the best things that preschoolers look forward to during the holidays, you can make it more meaningful by adding a twist to it. Instead of bringing them to shop for their own toys, have them buy some toys or gifts you can give away or donate to less fortunate children. This is an excellent way for them to learn that the spirit of the Christmas season is about sharing and giving.

Watch Christmas movies together

The holidays are the perfect time to relax and unwind with the entire family at home. This is an excellent opportunity for you to spend quality time together. If you seldom watch TV with your kids because of your busy schedule, now is the time to sit down with them. You can watch kid-friendly shows and movies together. Select movies with moral lessons so that they have some takeaways after watching.

Try a winter sport

To fully enjoy the winter, try some winter sports with your preschoolers?  You can try skiing, ice skating, sledding and other fun things that are simple and safe for them to try. This is a good way for them to get moving even in the cold, weather.

Organize their room

While your kids are still enjoying their Christmas vacation, teach them small responsibilities by asking them to organize their room. They may not be able to do a lot of cleaning but you can teach them where their toys should be kept, and the proper places for the rest of their stuff. Help them understand that this will help make room for new Christmas presents.  Let them sort through their things for unused toys, clothes, shoes, books or stuffed animals they can donate to a charity.

Visit a local museum

Visiting a local museum is another excellent holiday activity for preschool children. Many attractions and museums prepare for special activities for kids especially during the holiday season, so it is the perfect time to go. This activity will also serve as a good learning experience for your kids.

Read a new book together

little girl reading a Christmas book
Make sure to have interesting Christmas books

Make reading together a part of your routine or regular bonding activity with your kids. The holiday season is a great time to start this tradition. Pick something a little different from the ordinary materials they are used to reading. Something that’s related to Christmas. Read the book daily together until the end of the Christmas vacation.