First Impressions Program

Gentle Infant Care for Your Child from 6 weeks – 18 months old!

Our youngest learners start their journey to a lifetime of knowledge in the First Impressions Program. Infants as young as 6 weeks old achieve developmental milestones during each fun filled day. Your sweet baby also receives the gentle care and cuddling they enjoy, as well as the singing and speaking they need to help develop and grow. The nurturing environment at Watch Me Grow, along with an excellent student-to-teacher ratio, provides the foundation for a safe and secure daycare environment.

Your baby enjoys:

Singing, reading, and cuddling

Tummy time

Exercise and activities for physical development

Plenty of personal attention

As a parent, Watch Me Grow provides you with:

A loving environment for your little one

Safe and secure facility

Daily reports on milestones and development

Lunch is always included

With a low child-to-teacher ratio in the First Impressions Program, the youngest members at Watch Me Grow receive plenty of caring individual attention. And with our wonderful long term infant caregivers (some have been with us over 20 years!) our patient, experienced and reliable staff know what they are doing!

The Benefits of Enrolling Your Infant in Daycare

At Watch Me Grow Child Development Center in Las Vegas, our childcare professionals understand how challenging it can be to leave your infant in the hands of others. It’s normal to have reservations about this, and we want to assure you that we provide a healthy and nurturing environment for your little one to thrive and grow. We offer infant programs that are tailored around helping your child develop essential skills, and our programs are available for children ages six weeks to 18 months old.

There are many benefits to enrolling your infant in daycare. Some of our favorites include:

A Head Start On Cognitive Development

We believe that it’s never too early to start educating your child. Your infant’s brain is like a sponge, and we use this to our advantage by offering your little one opportunities to grow their cognitive abilities. Studies have shown that when you provide your child with intellectual stimulation early on, it can lead to better performance in reading, math, and memory-related tasks later on in life.

When you bring your infant to our child care center, our caretakers will read books to your baby, sing to them, cuddle them, and give them plenty of personal attention. Learn more about the benefits of enrolling your infant in our day care program.

An Opportunity For Your Baby To Be Social

As your infant begins their developmental journey, you’ll want to take every opportunity to socialize them with other children in the same age group. A child’s self-confidence starts to develop at an early age, which is why we encourage social interaction and friendship at our child care facility.

After 18 months of age, your son or daughter can move on to our Toddler Care program where we focus on hands-on projects that are meant to challenge and stimulate your child’s mind. We’ll expose your toddler to math, science, language, arts, and music, and we’ll help them develop pre-literacy skills through reading, singing, and playing.

Interaction With Other Adults

Another benefit of signing your infant up for a daycare is the fact that they will have the opportunity to spend time with adults other than their parents. When children are young, they mostly learn new things from their parents or other family members. By signing your little one up for daycare, they will start to view other adults and mentors as friendly authority figures. This will help when it comes time to call the new babysitter or nanny.

Infant Programs In North Las Vegas

When you need premier child care services in North Las Vegas, you can count on Watch Me Grow Child Development Center to nurture and care for your child. From infant care and toddler care to preschool and before and after school programs, we’re dedicated to helping children grow up to be their best selves. If you have any questions about our child development center or you’d like to learn more about our curriculum, contact our friendly staff today.