Your Child Deserves The Best Safe, Secure Child Care. 

We nurture your child’s mind with a variety of fun and engaging activities that help them achieve their full potential. Trust experienced care child care providers in North Las Vegas child care providers to tend to your child’s individual needs.
Young children thrive in a safe, healthy, comfortable and stable atmosphere designed to enable natural confidence and independence. Your child will acquire new social skills and learning methods while cultivating a lifelong curiosity for learning and developing new skills


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4095 W Craig Rd, North Las Vegas 89032

Why Should You Trust Us?

Your Child enjoys a safe, healthy place to learn and grow with professional care givers to help them along the way.

Your Child is engaged through structured activities to explore as they grow and develop.

Your Child is encouraged to learn through play including plenty of free time!

Your Child will spend each day in a safe and healthy environment where they can excel at being a child.

Your Child will experience cultural activities, music, fitness, and other enrichment programs.

You Get Educational Programs that Work

Keep your cherished child busy mentally and physically every day. Our North Las Vegas child care center schedules activities that give your child ample opportunity to thrive and grow.

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Hear What Parents Are Saying

Best school for Ronin! He is so happy that he doesn’t even wait to jump out the car in the mornings!! Love the staff, location and the amount my son learns each day when he comes home. Truly A+ quality!
Clayton Blake
Watch Me Grow is an excellent place! Staff is friendly, and teachers are so liked by the kids. My son loves it and is ready for school every day!! I highly recommend this place.
Judy Chaidez
Thank you for making Braylen’s transition from home day care to a center successful. You really gave us the peace of mind we needed during a time that was challenging for our family. He is thrilled to see you every morning, (and you are sometimes our bribe to get him out the door) which lets me know that you must be doing something right! Thank you for all that you do for our little man every day; it is appreciated more than you know
LaTisha Black