Young Explorers Program

Engaging and Educational Toddler Care for your child 18 – 36 months!

Designed with the growing readiness and curiosity of your toddler in mind, the Young Explorers Program at Watch Me Grow focuses on continued development based on their knowledge and introduces them to new challenges. Young Explorers is designed for our curious, inquisitive, and always energetic little ones in the age range of 18 to 36 months.

Each exciting new Young Explorers day promises your toddler:

Hands-on projects, stimulating challenges and puzzles

Exposure to math, science, language, music, and the arts

Develop pre literacy skills through reading, conversation, singing and finger plays

Close personal attention. Teachers are partners in their play, and the children learn from their interaction

For parents, Watch Me Grow provides you with:

Toilet training is included in your child’s tuition

A safe and loving environment for your little one

Safe and secure state of the art facility

Daily reports on milestones and development

Breakfast, Lunch – Snack included

Why You Should Enroll Your Child In A Toddler Care Program

There are many reasons to enroll your child in a toddler daycare program. Maybe you’re a busy single parent working two jobs. Perhaps you’ve decided to go back to school, and you need a little extra help looking after your little one. Whatever the case may be, the Watch Me Grow Child Development Center in North Las Vegas can provide you with premier toddler care for your child. There are many benefits to signing your child up for our toddler program, including:

Emotional & Social Development

When you enroll your child in a toddler program, he or she will have the opportunity to grow both emotionally and socially. When young children are surrounded by other kids their age, they learn the importance of sharing, taking turns, and ultimately, friendship.

At our child development center, we take pride in providing toddlers with new and exciting ways to learn, explore and grow. Whether it’s through hands-on projects that stimulate their minds or through close personal attention, we’re passionate about helping your toddler reach new milestones.

A Structured & Safe Environment

Many studies have found that it’s important for children to have a structured and predictable environment. When children know what to expect, they tend to have less anxiety towards new adventures, tasks, and projects. Child care centers also provide young children with a safe and secure space where they can confidently be themselves.

At Watch Me Grow Child Care Development Center in North Las Vegas, safety of your child is our number one concern. That’s why we offer a single-entry check-in and check-out system, along with video monitoring, and all of our staff is required to have background checks prior to employment.

Promote Math & Reading Skills

A toddler care program can do wonders for your child’s academic success. Studies have shown that enrolling your child in one of these programs can give him or her a head start on their math and reading skills. At our child care center, we offer a wide selection of activities and games to promote pre-kindergarten academic skills.

Toddler Care Classes in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for toddler class in Las Vegas for your child, look no further than Watch Me Grow Child Development Center. Our toddler daycare classes are design to engage the curiosity of your child. Once your child graduates from our toddler program, he or she can move on to our preschool classes and eventually our before and after school program.

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